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Job Seekers

We're on the lookout for specialized, dependable workers

We have retail sales jobs, merchandising jobs, fixture installation projects, carpentry jobs and promotional campaigns. Retail Sales jobs can included working on the sales floor promoting a manufacturer's product or working for the retailer as a store representative. Merchandising jobs comprise of store resets, remodels, refreshes and new store sets.

SASR's nationwide network of Retail Service industry customers are constantly on the lookout for professional, dependable workers who can service manufacturing and retail clients. Our job is to match workers like you with opportunities where your specialty is needed. Our only demands are that you have experience in the jobs you perform and that your work is completed correctly - in a timely and professional manner.

Create your own short-term or long-term project schedule
As a SASR employee, you have the ability to create your own schedule by choosing from projects as they become available, based on client requests. You have the option to work as much or as little as you want; for example, one week you can choose to work 10 hours, and the next week you can choose to work 40 hours. You also have the flexibility to work another job, taking on SASR projects as they become available -- or to work with SASR full-time. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity that meets your employment needs.

Looking for a permanent position?
At SASR we recognize that the success of any company is dependent on its people, which is why we are fully committed to helping our customers find the right person to meet their recruitment needs. If you are interested in a finding work in the Retail Service Industry, please
 visit our Retail Jobs Application page to complete our online application.

Applying is just a few clicks away
Working with SASR begins with your completion of our
 Retail Jobs Application. A SASR Staffing Specialist will then contact you for a personal interview. Please be prepared to review the required New Hire Documents that will allow us to get you ready for payroll. Note, if you are not a U.S. citizen, we need to see proof of your legal right to accept employment.

Once you become a SASR employee, our online database not only helps you keep track of the positions you have applied for, but makes it much easier to apply for future positions